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ATTENTION!!! PLEASE READ!!!!! Yo! I write fanfics mostly please if you guys read any of them if you want to comment tell me exactly what it was you liked I'd really appreciate it. :hug:

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Hello, my name is Emily. I've been on dA for quites some time, and most of my work is fanfiction.

I actually, am working on being an author someday, writing is a passion as well as my hobby and I am told countless of times that I should try to get my writing published, so I'm working on my own original story, characters, and fictional novel at a slow pace!

It'll be a lot of work, hard work, work that'll make me want to drop to my knees in frustration but I'm willing to put all my devotion into the process! And I won't give up!!!!


Farewell Naruto

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 7, 2014, 12:13 PM

I've been with the fandom for almost eight years, and all I have to say is, that this story has been an emotional roller coaster. 

Filled with:

"Kishimoto I hate you's"

"Are you f***ink kidding me's" 

"Sasuke you dumbass's" 

"Holy shit did you see those eyelashes! Itachi puts Robert Downey Jr. To shame's"

"Yes! I knew it's" 


"Oh I totally saw that coming's" 

"Naruto has turned into Ninja Jesus's" 

"Uchihas with sexy hair that can cause sexual arrousal *cough* Madara's"

But as much as I loved/hated the story, yes it was a love hate relationship

I will say that I am glad it has been concluded, the story since the war has been difficult to read because I honestly felt that Kishimoto-sensei's writing quality had fallen dramatically, either way I will say it has been a hell of a ride!!

I still write, I'm still a fan! And don't count on that going away any time soon!!!!!!

I've been going on a doujinshi rave lately! And I'm not even sorry!!!

I also have been trying to write End of Tears on my fanfiction account but I've had no writing motivation lately!!!

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5 deviants said Itachi Uchiha
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